Want a stress-free

Prepare for your retirement by investing in Al-Ameen Islamic Retirement Savings Fund.

Al-Ameen Islamic Retirement Savings Fund is a Shariah-compliant customized pension plan designed to offer you with an easy and affordable means of growing your savings so you can achieve a financially independent and rewarding life after retirement.
Al-Ameen Islamic Retirement Savings Fund (AIRSF) is ideal for investors who want:

  • To save towards retirement with as low as Rs. 500/- initial and subsequent contributions only.

  • To invest a lump sum amount or invest periodically.

  • To invest in different asset classes to have a diversified portfolio.

  • To avail tax credit on their investment.

  • To transfer the balance from recognized Provident /Gratuity/Superannuation Funds.

  • AIRSF – landing page
    AIRSF – landing page

    Invest wisely, Invest today in AIRSF

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      Disclaimer: All investment in Pension funds are subject to market risks. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Please read the consolidated Offering Document to understand the investment policies and the risks involved. Section 63 and 23A &. C (Part l of 2nd Schedule) of Income Tax Ordinance. 2001 govern taxation of pension schemes. Use of name and logo of UBL Bank/UBL Ameen as given above does not mean that they are responsible for the liabilities/obligations of UBL Fund Managers and Al-Ameen Funds or any investment scheme managed by them.