Opening an account

Follow the steps given below to open an account with us. If you need any assistance, speak with our customer care executives at 0800-00026.

Step 1 – Fill out the Account Opening Form

To open an account with us you need to fill out the ‘Account Opening Form’.

Download Account Opening Form

You can also call us at 0800-00026 and request for a form to be sent to your mailing address. Please click here to read the investor guidelines prior to making the investment.

Step 2 – Attach Mandatory Documents & Payment Proceeds

Once you have filled out the form, attach the required mandatory documents and the payment proceeds. A complete list of required documents is mentioned on the form.

Payment Procedure

Payment can be made in the form of a crossed cheque, pay order, demand draft or through UBL NetBanking.

Payment shall be made in favor of:

  • “CDC Trustee <name of mutual fund scheme>” in case of investment in mutual fund schemes
  • “CDC Trustee Al-Ameen Funds” in case of investment in investment plans
  • “CDC Trustee <name of pension scheme>” in case of investment in a pension scheme

Step 3 – Submit the Form & Documents

Send your form along with the required mandatory documents and payment proceeds to us. You can submit your form at our Investment Centers (Click Here to find an Investment Center near you).

Once we receive your duly filled application, we will send you a welcome letter and a confirmation account statement mentioning your account number and your investments with us.

How do I make transactions in my account?

  • Click Here to find out the different types of transactions you can make in your account.

How do I monitor my investments?

  • Click Here to find out the different ways in which you can stay in touch with your investments.