Al-Ameen Funds SMArt Managed Accounts Service

Managing an investment portfolio successfully requires skill, dedication and time. Take advantage of our tailor made investment management service and delegate this responsibility to our qualified professionals.

Designed exclusively to meet your needs

Our managed account service called Al-Ameen SMArt, is a tailor made investment management and advisory service that provides the fertile ground your investments need to grow and flourish as our team of qualified investment managers take care of your investments for you.

Whether you are aiming for regular income, capital appreciation or are looking to achieve a specific target return on your investments, Al-Ameen SMArt offers customized solutions crafted around your needs.

Benefits of Managed Accounts

From customization to professional management, Managed Accounts offer many benefits.

How Managed Accounts work

Find out how they how they work and whether they are appropriate for you.

Embark on a rewarding investment journey with UBL Funds SMArt

To schedule an appointment with our investment management team, send us an e-mail at or sms MEET to 8258 and we will get back to you.